Thursday, March 24, 2011

USBank Online Banking: Internet Banking keeping you Interconnected with Your Money

Checking account holders can use USBank Online Banking to access their checking accounts and see canceled checks, monitor account balances, and get up-to-the-minute information on their account’s status.

Users of US Bank electronic banking can also set up reminders for themselves so they don’t forget to deposit, withdraw, pay, or otherwise use an account. These alerts can be sent via email or text message to remind the customer about a particular account activity.

Finally, all account information with most online banking at US Bank is electronically downloadable into most popular accounting software for easier record keeping.

All in all, the system is very nicely done and easy to use. One will find that most customers are highly satisfied with USBank Online Banking, with complaints few and far between.

Of course, US Bank is fully FDIC insured.

Premier Privacy from USBank Online Banking

Arriving at this page likely means you're looking for a bank with great rates and good service. Here's one of the reasons US Bank's service is so great: USBank Online Banking Security.

The previous post gave an overview of the benefits of Online Banking at US Bank. This post will focus on USBank Online Banking Security. You can feel Secure Online knowing that for US Bank, protecting your privacy, security and personal information is their top priority. Online Statements and Internet Bill Pay are both great ways to reduce identity risks, and can actually be safer than traditional, paper-based records.

It's possible to bank Risk Free because their our Internet Banking Risk Free Guarantee protects you if there's ever unauthorized online use of your accounts. We also guarantee that every scheduled payment will be paid on time or we will cover any related fees.

Monitor your accounts with account and security alerts, and detailed online account information which keep you informed of account activity.

Of course, the US Bank electronic banking system allows for free, secure access to your accounts with the bank. This online banking at US Bank has the usual and expected account history, transactions history, funds transfers between accounts, and so forth.

The US online banking system also allows for secure Bill Pay, automatic or recurring payment on fixed expenses, easy bill payments or loan payments through the system (including automatic transfers to pay loans with US Bank), etc.

* Payments are guaranteed as long as accounts are sufficiently funded, all payment information is entered correctly and the payment is scheduled to arrive by its due date.

Manage Your Finances with USBank Online Banking

With USBank Online Banking, you can manage your finances like never before:

Internet Banking

USBank offers the easiest way to monitor, manage and move your money, anywhere, anytime – all on your schedule. Enjoy free 24/7 access, total security and flexible choices, the convenience and complete control of your finances!

Internet Bill Pay

In addition to easy access to your money, you can securely pay all your bills on time, every time – guaranteed.* With easy-to-use, free Internet Bill Pay, you have complete control over your payments. You decide when funds are deducted from your account. You can even set up email alerts to remind you when bills are due.

Mobile Banking

Take money management and place it in your pocket! Manage your U.S. Bank accounts by downloading USBank's Online Banking Mobile Wallet application or bank at for the freedom and flexibility to manage your accounts wherever you are, day or night.